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Quantity     100/ea. 500/ea. 1000/ea.  
  3M Electrical Tape         
  3M1700 3/4"x 60ft.Black Electrical Tape        
  3M Three Wire Splice         
  905 RED 18-22 gauge 3 Wire Splice        
  3M T-Tap   100/ea. 500/ea. 1000/ea.  
  951 RED 18-22 gauge T- Tap        
  952 BLUE 14-16 gauge T- Tap        
  953 YELLOW 10-12 ga. T- Tap        
  3M Crimp Cap         
  722 Nylon Crimp Cap 18-22 gauge        

3M MALE Quick Disconnects (for T-Taps) Fully Insulated

  71M250 RED Nylon .250 Male 18-22        
  72M250 BLUE Nylon .250 Male 14-16        
  73M250 YELLOW Nylon .250 Male 10-12        
   6-1616  Blue Nylon .250 Male        

3M FEMALE Quick Disconnects (for T-Taps) Fully Insulated

  71F250 RED Nylon .250 Male 18-22        
  72F250 BLUE Nylon .250 Male 14-16        
  IN4000 1 amp Diode        
  IN4003 3 amp Diode        
  IN4006 6 amp Diode        
  3M Butt Splice Connector NYLON See-Thru        
  61SNA RED Nylon Butt Splice 18-22        
  62SNA BLUE Nylon Butt Splice 14-16        
  63SNA YELLOW Nylon Butt Splice10-12        
  Ring Connector         
  MRB10 BLUE Vinyl #10        
  MRB14 BLUE Vinyl 1/4"        
  MRB38 BLUE Vinyl 3/8"        
  5-531 1/2" Truss Washer Head Phillips -Black Ox.        
  5-533  1" Truss Washer Head Phillips -Black Ox.        
  5-541 1/2" Pan Head Phillips - Black Oxide        
  5-543 1" Pan Head Phillips - Black Oxide        
  RE-B Bosch 30/40 amp        
  RE-M Mobilistics 30/40 amp        
  Relay Socket   100/ea. 500/ea. 1000/ea.  
  RS-3 3 Wire with Diode        
  RS-5 5 Wire        
  RS-10 Dual 10 Wire        
  Door Lock Motors - Trunk Release Kit         
  TRK Kit. 12lb pull motor with pushbutton switch an wiring.        
  DL-2 2 Wire Gun Style        
  DL-5 5 Wire Gun Style        
  Car Alarm Sensors         
  MS Tilt with bracket        
  Cable Ties          
  CT4N 4" Nylon        
  CT6B 6" Black        
  CT8N 8" Nylon        
  C11N 11" Nylon        
  C15N 15" Nylon        
  Hardware Packs  Custom Packs Made (call for pricing)        


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