Actuator Contol Module

The ACM is the ideal controller for linear actuators. It uses two micro switches to sense top and bottom of the actuators movement. A single trigger input allows for some trick operation. Pulse the trigger and the actuator moves from bottom to top. Pulse it again and it moves from top to bottom. Pulse the trigger while the actuator is in motion and it stops. Pulse it again and it changes direction. Hold the trigger for five seconds and the actuator moves continuously. Opening and closing until it is pulsed again. Very cool for any application using custom motorization.

Used on Show Vehicles and Truck Tops. Can be activated up and down or in and out using a single negative output from your Vehicle Security System, by manual switch or both. One Year Warranty. (See- View Installation Manual) 

Model # ACM

MSRP $99.95


includes all wiring and instructions



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