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Car Audio Wiring Harnesses
WH-08 90-UP BMW Wiring Harness
WH-9 90-99 BMW Radio Plug
WH-09 02-UP Chrysler Wiring Harness
WH-093 02-UP Chrysler Radio Harness
WH-0931 05-UP Dodge 300/Durango/Magnum Amp Bypass 17'
WH-0932 05-UP Dodge Dakota/ Cherokee Amp Bypass 17'
WH-0935 99-04 Jeep Grand Chrokee Bypass 17'
WH-0938 2004 Dodge Ram HandsFree Amp Bypass
WH-0940 02-04 Dodge Ram Amp Bypass 17' (Infinity)
WH-10 84-UP Chrysler Wiring Harness
WH-101 84-02 Chrysler /Dodge/Ply /Jeep Amp Integrator
WH-103 02-UP Chrysler Amp Integrator
WH-11 85-UP Chrysler Radio Plug
WH-12 89-99 Jeep Wiring Harness
WH-14 89-97 Jeep Radio Plug
WH-15 00-UP Daewoo Wiring Harness
WH-17 98-UP Ford Wiring Harness
WH-171 03-UP Ford/Exped/Nav Radio Plug
WH-172 03-UP Ford/Exped/Nav Wiring Harness
WH-174 99-UP Ford 16 Pin Ext. Audio/VideoTap Harness
WH-176 99-UP Ford 20 Pin Ext. Audio/VideoTap Harness
WH-18 98-UP Ford Radio Plug
WH-20/1 86-97 Ford (Power Only) Harness
WH-20 86-97 Ford Wiring Harness
WH-201 86-UP Ford Wire Harness (Power Only)
WH-21 86-97 Ford Radio Plug
WH-22 82-85 Ford Wiring Harness
WH-23 96-UP Ford/Ranger, Explorer Harness
WH-235 96-UP Ford Spkr Harness (Green)
WH-24 93-98 Ford Amp/Integrator Harness
WH-25 93-98 Ford Amp Integrator (Spkr Only)BLK
WH-26 93-97 Ford Spk/Integrator (gold RCA)
WH-27 93-97 Ford Amp Bypass Adapter
WH-274 98-01 Ford Amp Integrator
WH-276 03 Ford Tremor Amp Integrator
WH-278 03-UP Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Amp Integrator
WH-2780 03-UP Ford/Lincoln/Mercury Sub Plug
WH-28 98-UP Ford/Mazda Prem.Harness 3pc 8/16/20pin
WH-285 98-UP Ford Premium 2pc. Upgrade
WH-30 85-UP Geo/Isuzu Wiring Harness
WH-31 85-UP Geo/Isuzu Radio Plug
WH-319 78-91 GM 2 Pin Harness (Power)
WH-32 78-91 GM Wiring Harness OEM Style
WH-33 78-91 GM Wiring Harness
WH-34 92-UP GM Wiring Harness
WH-35 95-UP GM 32 pin Wiring Harness
WH-351 95-UP GM 32 pin Radio Plug
WH-352 00-UP Lg. GM Ribbon 32p Wiring Harness
WH-353 00-UP Lg. GM Ribbon 32p Radio Plug
WH-355 00-UP GM Saturn Radio Plug
WH-356 00-UP GM Tracker Metro Prism Plug
WH-357 00-UP GM Saturn Harness
WH-358 00-UP GM Tracker Metro Prism Harness
WH-359 00-UP GM Relocation 17' Extension Harness (FULL)
WH-359A 00-UP GM Relocation 17' Extension Harness (Partial)
WH-3590 99-03 GM Corvette / 00-03 Pontiac Grandd Prix
WH-3592 00-01 Chevy Impala/Monte Carlo Amp Bypass
WH-3594 94-95 Cadilliac Amp Bypass 17'
WH-3596 1996 Cadilliac Amp Bypass 17'
WH-3597 00-03 Cadilliac DeVille Amp Bypass 17'
WH-36 GM 92-99 Radio Plug to 78-91 Car
WH-37 GM 78-91 Radio Plug to 92-99 Car
WH-38 78-91 GM Radio Plug
WH-39 92-99 GM Radio Plug
WH-40 98-99 Honda Radio Plug
WH-41 98-99 Honda Wiring Harness
WH-42 86-97 Honda Radio Plug
WH-43 86-97 Honda Wiring Harness
WH-432 83-85 Honda Wiring Harness
WH-435 95-UP Honda Passport 96-UP Isuzu
WH-439 02-06 Acura RSX Amp Integrator
WH-43K 86-97 Honda Harness w/Keyless Bypass
WH-44 92-UP Hyundai Wiring Harness
WH-440 01-UP Hyundai Wiring Harness
WH-441 00-UP Hyundai Radio Plug
WH-442 86-91 Hyundai Wiring Harness
WH-443 86-91 Hyundai Radio Plug
WH-45 92-UP Hyundai Radio Plug
WH-46 95-UP Kia Sephia Sportage Harness
WH-463 95-UP Kia Sephia Sportage Radio Plug
WH-47 82-90 Mazda Radio Plug
WH-48 82-90 Mazda Wiring Harness
WH-49 90-UP Mazda Radio Plug
WH-501 01-UP Mazda Radio Plug
WH-502 01-UP Mazda Radio Harness
WH-50 90-UP Mazda Wiring Harness
WH-52 87-93 Mitsubishi/Dodge Radio Plug
WH-53 94-UP Mitsubishi/Dodge Radio Plug
WH-54 87-93 Mitsubishi/Dodge Wiring Harness
WH-55 94-UP Mitsubishi/Dodge Wiring Harness
WH-60 87-94 Nissan Wiring Harness
WH-61 87-94 Nissan Radio Plug
WH-610 87-94 Nissan Amp Integrator (Infinity)RCA
WH-62 95-UP Nissan Wiring Harness
WH-63 95-UP Nissan Radio Plug
WH-64 00-UP Rover Harness
WH-66 93-99 Suburu Wiring Harness
WH-68 00-UP Saab Wire Harness
WH-70 96-UP Suzuki Wiring Harness
WH-77 86-UP Toyota Radio Plug
WH-78 86-UP Toyota WIring Harness
WH-790 00-04 Toyota Amp Intergration w/RCA Jacks
WH-791 92-99 Toyota Amp Intergration w/ RCA Jacks
WH-7918 2004 Toyota Amp Bypass (includes WH-790)17'
WH-7919 00-13 Toyota Cilica Amp Bypass 17'
WH-80 81-86 Univ. Import Wiring Harness
WH-81 81-86 Univ. Import Radio Plug
WH-84 87-UP Volkswagen Wiring Harness
WH-844 99-04 Land Rover/Mercedes Amp Integtrator
WH-85 87-UP Volkswagen Radio Plug
WH-86 87-UP Volkswagen Amp Intergration
WH-862 90-01 Volkswagen Amp Spkr Harness
WH-87 85-92 Volvo Radio Plug
WH-88 85-92 Volvo Wiring Harness
WH-882 92-UP Volvo S-40 Wire Harness
WH-884 00-UP Volvo S-80 Wire Harness
WH-A16 Alpine 16 pin Radio Plug
WH-C12 Clarion 12 pin Radio Plug
WH-C16 Clarion 16 pin Radio Plug
WH-J09 JVC 9 pin Radio Plug
WH-J11 JVC 11 pin Radio Plug
WH-J13 JVC 13 pin Radio Plug
WH-J16 JVC 16 pin Radio Plug
WH-K12 Kenwood 12 pin Radio Plug
WH-K16 Kenwood 16 pin Radio Plug
WH-P08 Pioneer 8 pin Radio Plug
WH-P10 Pioneer 10 pin Radio Plug
WH-P12 Pioneer 12 pin Radio Plug 98-up
WH-P16 Pioneer 16 pin Radio Plug 2000-01
WH-P16B Pioneer 16 pin Radio Plug (small) 2002-up
WH-P16F Pioneer 16 pin Radio Plug (small) 04-UP
WH-S09 Sony 9 pin Radio Plug
WH-S16 Sony 16 pin Radio Plug
WH-S18 Sony 18 pin Radio Plug