NoStart Vehicle Engine Immobilizer System
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Mobilistics is proud to announce the most effective Vehicle Immobiliser on the Planet! A Remote Controlled Relay for your Vehicles Starter or Fuel System.

June 2004, Camarillo, California

.......Mobilistics, pioneers in this field, have developed a all new line of relays that include a robust new starter interrupt Immobilizer as well as a continuously rated, ie. fuel pump/fuel injection relay.
Extensive experience gained with over 300,000 units operating throughout the USA, Mobilistics has introduced the latest Nostart relay which can be used in virtually any car in either the starter or fuel pump or EFI positions.
For utmost reliability under the most adverse conditions there is now a line of high surge current relays especially designed for starter motor applications. These relays can be used in any vehicle with an independent starter motor relay.
In some vehicles it is not possible or convenient to use the starter motor relay replacement and for these applications a complete line of continuously rated high current relay immobilizers have been launched..
Coupled with this launch is the new optional movement activated remote with features such as automatic low battery warning and valet mode.

Starter Relay Interrupt
SRI-B Bosch type
SRI-G GM type
SRI-C Chrysler type
SRI-MG Mini GM type

Fuel Pump/Fuel Injection/Ignition etc.
(Continuously rated)
GRI-B Bosch type
GRI-G GM type
GRI-C Chrysler type
GRI-MG Mini GM type
GRI-NI Nissan type
GRI-N3 Nissan type


STANDARD 2 BUTTON REMOTES (TX-4 or TX-10). Simply push the top button on the remote. Range is usually within 10 feet of the vehicle. Note: Some vehicles require the ignition key to be in the ON position to activate the intelligent relay. The transmission is received by the Mobilistics intelligent relay, closes the circuit, and allows your car to start for up to 30 seconds. If the vehicle is not started within the 30 second period, the relay will re-arm automatically. This is called "auto arming" or "passive arming". Tell your insurance agent about the system for discounts you may be entitled to.
All standard 2 button remotes either the TX-4 or TX-10, allow you to add a electric garage door controller Part # G-DOOR for use of the lower button. This device simply connects to the 2 screw connections on the back of you electric garage door motor marked "manual switch" or the same connections that your wired (up/down) switch uses

STANDARD 1 BUTTON REMOTE (TX-97) Simple operation. Smallest remote. Only used to enable relay for starter/fuel pump circuit. Auto arming.

VALET MODE (For Most Relay Models) Valet works only on TX-4 or TX-10 remotes.
To place the unit in valet mode press the top button then immediately press the number bottom button (button closest to the key ring). This will allow the vehicle to complete ten starts without having to press the disarm button. After ten starts the system will revert to passive arming and the button will again have to be pressed to allow the car to start. To remove the system form “Valet Mode” before ten starts are completed just reverse the above procedure (bottom then top button).

MOVEMENT ACTIVATED REMOTE (TX-24) - Mobilistics is proud to present the new Hands-Free remote control. The intelligent relay receives signal automatically from special remote as you approach the vehicle without having to push a button. This remote can be programmed to operate as a standard remote to where the button must be pushed to start the vehicle.

PROGRAMMING THE MOVEMENT REMOTE (TX-24) - The remote is shipped from our warehouse in the active or "manual" pushbutton mode, so to change it to "movement mode" push and hold the remote button down until LED goes off and blinks 5 times to confirm. Your remote will now activate the intelligent relay without pushing the button. Note: The range is usually 15 feet from the vehicle so remember for security, the vehicle cannot be parked within 15 feet from the remote at night or anytime to be secure. To change the remote back to manual pushbutton mode, press and hold the remote's button until the LED goes off then press the remote button 2 times, the LED will blink 3 times to confirm. The remote is now programmed to only operated manually to where you must push the button for it to operate. Note: the battery life is longer in the manual mode so if you go on trips without your vehicle you may want to turn the movement mode off.

Battery life for standard remote activation is about a 12-14 months. In movement mode about 6-7 months. The TX-24 movement transmitter will warn you when the battery is low by rapid blinking of the LED. If you do not change out the battery soon the vehicle will automatically go into a bypass mode and not arm, leaving your vehicle unprotected. When you install an new battery the remote will operate as normal.

USING EXSISTING FACTORY REMOTE (TX-21) - Factory keyless entry remotes can be used with the TX-21 secret circuit. The secret circuit is a wired transmitter that is activated when you unlock your vehicle using the factory or aftermarket alarm or remote entry system. The TX-21 installs in minutes with only a two wire hookup.

TX-4 Pushbutton Remote.TX-10 Pushbutton Remote.TX-24 Movement Remote. and the TX-21 Secret Circuit (not shown)



Find your vehicle listed in the application guide found online by clicking here "APPLICATION GUIDE" or above. Only vehicles listed have been tested. Do not attempt to install this system on untested vehicles. If in doubt or for a possible application for your car, you can call our help line at 1-888-554-6624. Remove the vehicle relay from it’s socket; within the engine compartment or under dash. The relay must control an engine starting or running function such as, starter, fuel injection, fuel pump. Full instruction on which relay to replace will come with your system.
Examine the pins of the vehicle's relay and ensure the configuration matches that of the Mobilistics intelligent relay.
If the pins match exactly, simply insert the intelligent relay into the vehicle relay socket.
Attempt to start the engine as per normal without first pressing a valid pushbutton remote control, TX-4, 10, 24 or 97. The vehicle will not start.
Disarm the system by pressing the top button of the remote control. Once again attempt to start the engine. At this point the engine should start. (Note: Depending on the vehicle's relay wiring, the ignition switch may need to be in the "ON" or "START" position when activating the remote transmitter).

IMPORTANT: Keep your factory relay located in a "secret" place in your vehicle if you happen to loose your remote, so that you can always have a back up to start your vehicle.

NO APPLICATION LISTED FOR YOUR VEHICLE? If your vehicle is not listed on the application guide it is possible for the system to work if a suitable circuit can be found by adding a fuse blade adapter and special relay (GRI-B) or a hardwired relay socket adapter kit (AD-RE-4) that is available. These kits should be installed and tested by your local car stereo/security dealer unless you have knowledge of testing relay circuits, polarity, voltages and amperages. You can always call our help line at 1-405-308-4270.

DO YOU HAVE AN ELECTRIC GARAGE DOOR? An interface is available (G-DOOR) that simply installs in minutes to any electric garage door control box. Now you can use the second button on the 2 button remotes (TX-10 or TX-4) to open your garage door. Your NoStart remote will work as well as your standard garage door opener.



Insurance discounts may apply by installing this "passive engine immobilizer" system. Call your insurance company to find out how much. Usually it can save up to 15%.


Mobilistics is very proud to be awarded first runner up for mobile product of the year 2003 for the NoStart Immobilizer System.


(1) One Year Warranty

The factory guarantees this circuit immobilizer system to be free from defects and workmanship for a period of (1) one year from date of purchase. Purchaser must ship merchandise to our facility and must be accompanied with prior authorization or sales receipt. We reserve the right to inspect and return any product that has been determined defective from misuse or abuse. No cash refunds are allowed. Warranty is limited to only the defective part(s) replacement and excludes any incidental or consequential damages connected therewith. The factory makes no warranty against the theft of the vehicle or its contents. In no way is this product warranty to be construed as an insurance policy against loss. The factory is not responsible for the installation of the product or removal and reinstallation of the system.






• Passive Arming 30 seconds after ignition turn off.
• Low Battery Warning LED indicator warning when battery is low.
• Auto Disarm Movement type unit.
• Coding Random encrypted Multi Billion varying codes.
• Relay Types 6 different footprints providing direct plug in replacement without the need of adaptors. Starter motor types (SRI types). Fuel pump/EFI/IGN etc. (GRI types)
• Quality Design Designed to operate in ambient temperatures from – 40F to 235F

Coding Random encrypted
Frequency control SAW device (movement remote)
Current capability 100 Amp max inrush (SRI type)
20 Amp continuous (GRI type)
Temperature Operating ambient max 235 F (All types) Total Amperage draw 6-7mA
Vibration IEC-68-2-6 (6g 10-500 Hz)
Shock resistance IEC-68-2-27 (30g, 6msecs)
Operating voltage 8.5 – 16 volts
Protection Fully protected from starter motor spikes and other EMC

Replacing The Battery in your Remote

Using a small Phillips screw driver, remove the three small screws holding the case together.
Lay the case cover over exposing the circuit board and battery.
Remove the battery, observing the polarity of the contacts.
Install the new A27 battery, observing the polarity of the contacts.
Install the A27 battery with the negative (-) side of the battery towards the spring side of the battery holder.
Carefully assemble the case halves making sure the weather proof seal is in place and tighten the screws until snug.
For futher information or help you can call our service center phone number at 1-888-554-6624

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