Remote Car Starter Accessories


Neutral Safety Switch Delivers safe, reliable operation of a remote car starter when installed on a vehicle with a manual transmission. It can be used with any brand of car starter on the market*. Fast and easy installation makes this piece a real money maker.
*Remote car starter must have "stop & go" feature.




Pump Pulse Module Full programmable with either a positive or negative continuous or pulsed input from your remote control system. Adds from 1 to 5 on or off consecutive 1 second 500ma negative pulse outputs at the beginning of the trigger or after the trigger is taken away. Perfect for converting a single pulse into a double pulse for door unlock. Pulse delay up to 4 seconds. Make an add on LED array. Make a sequenced macro. Many more uses.




Channel Extender A must have for any install shop. It can turn a single channel out from an alarm or remote car starter and turn it into four. It can also be used with factory keyless entry and alarm systems making installations of slave remote starters a breeze.




Turbo Timer A professional turbo cooling device. It has the standard output for the ignition wires as well as a parking light output to visually let the operator know that the vehicle is still running. It has outputs to arm factory security and lock doors for vehicles so equipped. Function, features and price make this the choice of road racers everywhere.


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