Touch Key Immobilizer System
Over 1 billion different codes.

LED socket installs underdash or indash


Model P120

Auto arming with over 60 million codes

Master Coded Available

Full Color Customer Display Case with 2 touch keys

Armed Status Flashing LED

Light extinguishes when socket is touched

Override for lost touch keys

Easy programming using individual code

Underdash mounting bracket

Window mounted Warning Labels

Super cost effective this immobilizer uses a robust 30 Amp fail-safe relay.
Auto arms after 30 seconds and has an emergency PIN override feature. 
With plenty of on board memory the system will accept up to 5 independently 
coded Touch Keys. The 64 bit "friend or foe" interrogation protocol is one of 
the most secure electronic advances in code handshake micro electronics programming 
available today. 
This system can be put to sleep and be woken at anytime with special coding input. 
Very simple to install with only a maximum of a 5 wire connection with 
Master Code capability this system works great for New Car Dealership applications. 
This system is manufactured in our ISO 9002 facility which insures the user OEM reliability 
and quality.













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