Factory Transponder ByPass Modules


The UDLM-2 is the cream of the crop in door lock modules. It can do positive pulse, negative pulse, reverse polarity, after market actuators, Mercedes*, and all resistive type locks & security. All resistors are built on board, no off board parts are needed.

*Requires system with 3 second pulse




General Motors ...Vats, Passlock, Passlock II & Saturn The GMBP is solid, affordable way to by-pass General Motors Vats, Passlock I, Passlock II and Saturn security. It has 4 dip switch resistances and one variable pot. Its easy to install and set, and even easier when using the optional GMBPT adjustment tool.




The TRBP is the most reliable transponder security by-pass on the market today. Its superior design features the thinnest ignition loop on the market, which is a necessity with installations on BMWs. The TRBP is the only unit with a variable field density which guarantees fast and easy installation while delivering flawless operation. Because it is used in conjunction with factory transponders the TRBP works on all transponder equipped vehicles, that means only one part to stock.




The BDLM, Designed for newer BMWs, makes installation of an alarm or remote car starter much easier. Instead of removing the passengers side lower dash or removing the glove box to connect to the door locks, they can be intercepted easily at the drivers kick. Saving you time and aggravation, while making you more money.


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