Transponder Immobilizer

Over 1 billion different codes

Includes 2 transponder tags. System holds up to 4 tags.

Model P135

•Dubbed our "Invisible Immobilizer" - A Transponder immobilizer making use of the latest state of the art high security electronic coding components. The P135 has in excess of 1,800,000,000,000,000 unique codes. The unit includes a flashing LED, which is the only hole required to be drilled or come with an under dash LED mounting bracket. Passive disarming means you are none the wiser that you have just disarmed your immobilizer - install it and forget it - your protected!

Expandable circuit of immobilization - P135 uses robust 30 amp relay allowing immobilization of usually the ignition, fuel or starter.

High intensity flashing LED - informs anyone looking into the vehicle, "this car is immobilized".

Two coded transponder remote tags - individually coded remote tags (key fob).Over-ride - the P135 uses a simple to use, yet incredibly secure PIN override system.

Auto-arming - the P135 never requires arming, software inside the controller ensure absolute security.

Fail safe immobilization circuitry - if system looses +12 volts or one ground while driving, engine continues running.

Extra storage memory - each P135 is capable of remembering four separate transponders, eliminates the need carrying for multiple transponders.




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